A Yoga Studio Here, There, Everywhere

Yoga studios are popping up everywhere. In the area I am from, the number of yoga studios have grown yoga and meditationimmensely over the last five or so years. We have 27 locations with only one that I could find that offers meditation on a regular basis. They almost all offer vinyasa and power yoga as well as teacher training. The result being that after a combination of 200 hours of intense study and practice, you too can be a teacher. Studios pop up on every corner with a need to make money. Teacher training is the best money generator so the studio becomes a school too.

But, I can’t help but feel like there is something lost in translation. Meditation and searching for enlightenment are probably not big money makers, so I understand the directional pull toward the physical classes and training. But the true essence of what Yoga is should still be present. The breath practice during a class isn’t sufficient. If one enters the studio strictly for the physical workout and after several classes feels a sense of peace, calm and/or enlightenment then that is great. However, shouldn’t all true studios offer the basic root at which yoga was actually founded? It doesn’t have to be a full hour class, but maybe a 3o minute class a few times a week would be sufficient to get students acquainted with the practice.

Yoga isn’t about handstands and acrobats. It’s actually something much more. Yoga is an internal practice first with the physical part being secondary. But somehow we have managed to flip it upside down. Most studios promote arm-balance workshops or back-bending workshops but very few offer meditation, reflection or the study of the philosophy of yoga.

Keep in mind that yoga is truly for everyone because the acrobatic part is not yoga. No matter what your shape, size or condition, you can do yoga. It will help build strength, balance, peace and space. All of these affect both the body and the mind, allowing you to question and learn more about yourself. Know why your thoughts go to where they go when your balance is off. Know that you can break down walls of opinions, attitudes and competitive restraints and find a more peaceful path.

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