Green Tea Your Way To Healthy

Green Tea health benefitsThere’s been some pretty extensive research on green tea and its health benefits.  Most results are based the amount of tea a person in Asian countries drinks per day, which turns out to be 3 cups.  Green tea contains a plethora of health-promoting flavonoids of which contains anticancer and antioxidant effects.

It has been found that green tea inhibits the enzymes that produce free radicals in the endothelial lining of the arteries.  By protecting and thus preventing plaque to form in the lining of the arteries, green tea is connected with the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Animal studies have shown positive effects on glucose tolerance.  There have been population studies which lead to the effect on people suffering with Diabetes Type 2.  It is now being suggested that the drink improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitive individuals.   Another exciting benefit is the cancer preventative benefits it contains.  As studies suggest, people who regularly drink  green tea are at lower risk for a myriad of diseases and other ailments.  If you could lower your risks for such things as stroke, periodontal disease, chronic degenerative conditions,  osteoporosis and even cancer, wouldn’t you try it?



Just drink more tea.  Now that is about as simple a change to your daily dietary intake there can be.  You can actually make the drink even healthier by adding a squeeze of lemon juice to your hot cup of tea.  Lemon has a concentrated amount of vitamin C.  When lemon juice is added to the hot temperature it creates a cleansing and energizing effect.

So since you are now deciding to run to the store and purchase some green tea, you should have some tips and hints and on how to know if its fresh.  If you can sample before you purchase, that’s the best.  If its loose tea, squeeze it and smell it.  The freshest should smell sweet and almost grassy.  To test tea bags, remove the tea from the bag and place the empty bag in a cup of hot water.  After 1 or 2 minutes, if the water is clear and the water tastes like plain water, the tea is fresh.  If you taste tea and the water has a tint to it, that means the tea flavor has absorbed into the bag itself and the leaves are old.

So good luck shopping and raise a hot cup to health!


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