What a Day Outside Can do For You

A Day Outside

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Did you know that being outside enjoying your natural surroundings is actually good for you?  Even in the summer heat there are ways to enjoy being outdoors, soaking in the beauty of nature by getting outside early or later in the day.  Get outside before or after work and start to make it part of your routine and thus make it a habit.  Bring friends along because sharing with friends always makes everything better.

Mother Nature Provides

There are plenty of reasons to get outside, but the health benefits should send you running out the front door.  Here are three of the top health benefits provided by Mother Nature herself:

  • Improved Mood 
    • If you’ve had a particularly hard day at work, get outside.  Being outside boosts positivity and decreases feelings of depression.
  • Increased Focus and Clarity
    • Taking a break from technology and jumping into nature can also help you focus more clearly.  Studies have shown an increase in mental energy and focus even from gazing at a picture of nature.
  • Better Short Term Memory
    • A study by the University of Michigan saw participants gain short term memory by up to 20% after they took a nature trail walk.  So just think about it.  Taking time outside will make you happier and think more clearly.  I think my next get away involves a cabin in the woods.

Now I know that we all live very busy lives and finding good quality time for getting outdoors might seem like a dream.  But I say it can be done because where there is a will, there is a way.  Take the “C” letter word out of your vocabulary.  Never say can’t!

Get Motivated

A friend of mine just forwarded a link to a free audio download by Marie Forleo, a very successful entrepreneur.  In this audio download, Marie provides her top tips to defining what it is that you truly want and how to make it reality.  It can be anything, from finding time for nature to starting your own online yoga community.  Whatever the desire, there is always a way.  I suggest that you click on the link to download the audio so that you too can enjoy the motivation she provides for whatever it is that you desire in your life.

All you have to do is set your desired ‘outside with nature time’ and find something in your schedule you can maneuver to make it happen.  Be sure to let us know how you felt after spending some time outside and really enjoying the surrounding nature.


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