Are You Protecting Your Joints?

The body’s joints are naturally vulnerable to instability and weakness as part of the aging process.  Aches and pains set in as the muscles,  connective tissue as well as the bones begin to weaken.  However, you can prevent the onset of these aches and pains in the joints with regular and consistent exercise.  You can also reverse some aches and pains with exercise, so it’s safe to say that it’s never to late to start.

It’s important to complete full-body workout routines in order to keep Battling joint pain with full body workoutstrength and agility balanced throughout the body.  So, as an example, the core muscles can effect the hip joints and knee joints and the hips can effect the stride.  Maybe you remember the “Dem Bones” song when we learned about the bone connections in the body.  So, your fitness routine should include a little of everything.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be intense and take up hours.  A few exercises a day and some aerobic activity every week as a consistent and regular routine should be all you need to keep the aging process at bay.  The important thing is that the movement activates the muscles in exercises like leg lifts, sit ups, push-ups, lunges, squats, plank, etc.  Add in some walking or biking and stretching and your body is getting the full deal.

fitness support groupFinding a few friends to join in on the fitness routine makes the goals easier to accomplish.  Everyone becomes a support to the others and builds confidence to all.  It’s usually the first step that is the hardest.  The others fall right into line.

I found some interesting articles on the aging process to the joints within the body.  One is the “Aging Changes“.  Another is “Best Ways to Ease Knee Pain“.  Finally, here is an article on “How to Protect Your Most Vulnerable Joints as They Age“.

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