Can You Eat Healthy on a Budget??

Being on a budget and shopping healthy foods at the grocery store can seem impossible.  Eating organic, free range eggshealthy foods on a budget and grass-fed meat can really add up at the register.  So I am on a mission to see if I can actually continue to eat the foods that I enjoy while leaving some green in my wallet.  I think it can be done with some menu planning and the use of appropriate sale items.

Breakfast should be relatively easy to plan healthy meals while staying within a budget.  I can think of a few breakfast dishes that are satisfying and shouldn’t break the bank.  Alternating morning meals of oatmeal with fresh organic berries,  eggs with toast and yogurt with fruit and honey keeps me within my perimeters.

A packed lunch is always cheaper than eating out and always healthier.  So we’ve got this one in the bag!  A nice big vegetable wrap with some hummus is filling and delicious.  Pick your favorite veggies and get rolling.  Add a fruit on the side and you are good to go.  Alternate with various salads, something like bean salad or maybe tuna or chicken salad and voila, lunch is served with savings in your pocket.

Menu plannerDinner time can always be tricky, for me, because it’s the end of the day and sometimes I’, looking for simplicity.  And, I know that planning out the weekly menu would make my life a lot easier, but sometimes I can get in my own way.  However, I do know the basics such as; we should stay away from heavier foods like pasta, bread and rice later in the day.  So think about foods or dishes that have little processed steps to them.  Things like a stir-fry, veggies and meat or fish on the grill, roasted vegetables, salad, fajitas, tacos, etc.

Meals like this can be filling, healthy and budget friendly.  Remember that it’s all in the planning.

Now you have to add some additional items for snacks to get you through the day and between meals.  Maybe a few extra veggies for dipping, an extra carton of eggs to hard boil and maybe some wholegrain crackers.  The snacks shouldn’t add more than $10 to the bill.

I’m looking to spend between $75 and $90 per week.  My goal is to take advantage of sale items and the use of frozen vegetables when possible or buying produce on sale and freezing them myself for future use.

Here are few articles I found with some helpful hints and tips on how to grocery shop on a budget while maintaining healthy choices.

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If you have any suggestions or tips, please share with us.


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