Why Haven’t You Taken A YIN Yoga Class?

So why haven’t you taken a YIN yoga class yet?  YIN yoga is a combination of seated passive yoga poses held for several minutes aimed at getting deep into the fascia or connective tissue within the joints.  Because you hold the poses for several minutes, it offers time to sit in stillness and be in the moment.  You have time to feel your body from head to toe in each posture.

The best part, in my opinion, is the opportunity to melt into each posture.   The more you can relax and allow your body to melt, the more stretch you can gain.  I have seen students struggle with the challenge of relaxing and letting go of that idea in their head.  Sometimes YIN can be more of a mental challenge than anything else.  But when they finally relax it is a magical experience.  They have, even if for one moment in one pose throughout the class, they managed to relax their mind and their body together.

Now, m29ost of us don’t think about stretching our connective tissue/fascia.  We think about stretching our muscles.  But stretching the two are completely different.  Muscle stretches much quicker than connective tissue.  So we approach them differently, thus the passive and more meditative or relaxed approach to YIN.

The lifestyles that we live today leave almost all of victims of tight hips.  From desk workers to active runners or weight lifters, we all can have tight hips, shoulders, ankles, knees, etc.  The joints are where we show range of motion.  The connective tissue will begin to shrink and only lengthen to what is needed for our lifestyle.  So if you sit a desk all day and run every night, your hips are probably pretty tight.

What many people don’t understand is that having a regular YIN practice will strengthen their YANG workouts.  So take a peak at the article I founding Yoga Journal that provides more detail on the practice of YIN, then take a class at a local studio or find one online and then report back.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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