Why You Must Try YIN Yoga

YIN yoga, and why you must try it sooner rather than later.  The practice promotes a steady breath practice to help subtle the mind-chatter and in turn calm the physical body.  While we melt into various poses the connective tissue throughout the body slowly begins to elongate and lengthen.  Connective tissue or fascia is an interwoven system of fibrous, connective tissue found throughout the body.  This tissue or fascia provides support to protect individual muscle groups, organs, throughout the body from head to toe.

The practice is made up of seated and reclining yoga poses.  Many times the room is kept cool so the body doesn’t get exhausted and is more apt to relax and get calm.

So why does a class like this sound so incredible now?  Because we are all stressed-out more than ever.  More than 75% of adults in this country report moderate to high levels of stress and 40% can’t sleep due to stress, according to the American Psychological Association.  Many suffer chronic stress which has real physical negative effects.  You can learn how to handle stress by learning how to relax and breathe.  Lessons learned in a YIN class will carry with you off the mat.

YIN candlelight yogaI have been teaching YIN for a years and find the students enormously grateful after every class.  The positive feedback is deep and meaningful because it helps them throughout their daily life.  It’s different than a student who leaves a vinyasa class and thanks me for the great workout.  YIN students know the benefits the class brings in both the physical and the subconscious emotions.  A healthier mindset with less stress is a healthier physical body.

I teach YIN on Sunday afternoon and by candlelight on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Classes are peaceful and relaxing while softly physically challenging.  You can find out more about the classes I offer here.

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