All the Yoga Equipment You’ll Ever Need

What You Need To Start Your Yoga Practice

So, you’re thinking about giving yoga a go and make the investment on equipment.  The good news is yoga mat, block and beads is all you needthat you don’t need much at all and it will last you years and years.  Your total investment on equipment should be less than $150, and that’s if you purchase a serious mat ($90).  You certainly can start off with a much less expensive mat but you must consider the thickness, non-slip grip and length.  I happen to really Prana mats as they are made with natural materials, the quality is super and they are a pretty environmentally friendly company.  You can check out their mats at

The belt and the strap are great if you are a bit rusty with stretching.  The block is also great for supported poses and offer some difficulty to other poses.  For under $15, the block is well worth every penny.    Most straps are under $10 and are also vital to some poses if you are stiff, but you could always just use a towel.

All the equipment together is lightweight too so it’s easy to take with you anywhere.  You don’t need heavy weight and bulky equipment to get a great physical and challenging workout.  All you actually need is you (and a mat, a block and a strap)!

Choosing a Yoga Class

Interested in trying this yoga thing out?  You’ve heard all the hype.  You see that the investment is reasonable.  You see it can be very convenient.  Now it’s time to decide what kind of yoga practice you want to try.  Well, there are so many variations of yoga out there and finding the one that fits your style is an important piece.  Just be sure to read the descriptions for each class when shopping around.  If you haven’t ever practiced yoga before I suggest finding a beginners level class or a beginners series of classes in order to get acclimated to the various poses and lingo.  There are so many variations and options to poses that it will be beneficial to learn them as a beginner.

Don’t try jumping right into an intermediate class just because you are fit.  If yoga is new to you, try one beginners class to get the hang of it.  Once you’ve taken a beginners class you can make your assessment on if you should take a more advanced class.  You wouldn’t think about jumping right into an Arnold Schwarzenegger level workout without some prep, right? Talk to the teacher and see what they would suggest as well.  You want to challenge yourself, but you also need to protect yourself.

Anywhere and Everywhere

With your new mat and props, you can practice yoga anywhere and everywhere.  Discover the physical challenges, the internal calm and awakening that a yoga practice offers.  Starting at the correct class level is vital to starting a solid yoga practice, so begin your journey in a beginners class and go from there.

I keep mats and props in my vehicles so that if the urge to practice, stretch or meditate comes upon me, I’m ready.  Sometimes being alone on the mat moving through a few poses and stretches in the fresh air is so powerful and energizing.

Make a commitment to yourself and I hope to see you soon on your mat.




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