Why You’ll Love the YIN and Yang of this Combo Class

Yoga teaching assisting Childs poseCombining the fire starting movements of vinyasa with the relaxing, subtleness of YIN creates a perfectly balanced class merger, the VYINyasa flow.  I’ve been teaching YIN several times every week for the past few years and the occasional vinyasa flow as well.   Oftentimes students attending a YIN class are looking for something much different from those attending a vinyasa class.  I got to thinking about this and thought why not offer a combination of the two styles so that students could enjoy the best of both worlds of YIN and Vinyasa.  It’s the mimicking of life; the YIN and the YANG necessary to create balance.

Traditional YIN & Vinyasa Yoga Flows

A traditional YIN practice moves students from one seated posture to the next very slowly.  Postures are held for a few minutes each so that the student can find stillness and a moment of meditation in each pose.  This provides a highly beneficial practice to combat the stresses of everyday life.  Students begin to find an inner peace as they develop skills at being still.  The more a student can relax and melt into the breath and the pose, the better the results.  This however can become quite challenging as the contrast from our normal state of being is many times the polar opposite of peace and quite.  With a sincere and consistent practice these peaceful moments and the space created within becomes part of the student.  The beauty of the practice is seen by others through the student’s changed aura.

On the other end, a Vinyasa practice keeps students moving from one posture to the next.  A vinyasa class can build a sweat, strength, flexibility and confidence.  It is a great practice to work on the physical body of strength and balance while keeping the student focused on breath and being in the moment.

Why Not Combine the Two Styles

The two styles of yoga appeal to different students.  Then there are students who like both but don’t have time for two classes.  I’m combining the two styles and offer those students the perfectly balanced class.  A flow that will improve strength and balance while also offering stillness and time to melt into the moment.

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