Manifesting Your Future and How You Want to Feel

The new year has everyone evaluating their lives, setting new resolutions and goals. However, more often than not resolutions tend to be pretty generic and broad. For instance, the most common resolutions are to get in shape or lose weight, save money, and/or learn a skill. We adjust schedules to fit-in workouts, choose a new diet and a write down a budget plan. But those actions just scratch the surface. Those actions might feel right, but seldom lead to real change or success. Manifesting your future through self reflection and true intention is the key to success.

The WHY of Your Resolution

Resolutions are based on something that is frustrating, a problem, an issue. There is something problematic that needs attention. So let’s dig deep to find out what lies at the why we set these resolutions. I don’t mean just the default mode answer of; I want more energy, I want to fit in my smaller clothes, or I want to build a savings. Dig deeper and deeper until you know why you want more energy, or to fit in smaller clothes or to build savings.

By caring a little more about ourselves and spending a little more time finding out the root of the frustration, the roadmap to real success can be built. Discovering and, more importantly, understanding the feelings we crave in the upcoming year brings clarity. Building the roadmap to attaining those feelings just became more accessible.

Seven Steps to Manifesting Your Future

Manifesting Your Future

Take a few minutes to read the article from Huffington Post, 7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want.

Invest extra time in yourself to manifest what you need. Getting started is the biggest and hardest step. Never waiver and give your goal consistent dedication. Remember you must give attention to the process to manifesting your future.

Along the way you may discover the journey is the actual prize.

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