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We Are What We Consume!

Girls supporting one another to build each other up.

You know the saying, “You are what you eat”.  Well, we’re actually so much more than that. We are what we consume through all of our senses: mouths, eyes, ears and skin.  Everything we eat, see, hear and touch is processed inside. We are predisposed to give more value to a negative consumption than a positive one.  This means that the negative sticks with us and we tend to repeat that in our heads and maybe eventually start to believe it too.  Developing a yoga practice that includes some meditation can help a student get out of the negative and into the positive.

Statistics show that girls are increasingly more stressed and unhealthy, and this applies to all ages.  The health risks are both physical and mental. The effects on girls are more severe than on boys with women being twice as likely to experience anxiety than men.  More women than men report effects of stress, such as headache, upset stomach or indigestion, feeling they could cry, feeling irritable or angry, etc, according to the American Psychological Association.

Yoga and Meditation to Climb out of the Darkness

Negative self-esteem is a serious issue affecting women.  On average, girls are taking roughly 150 pictures before they post just one picture to social media.  That’s a lot of negative self-talk. In 2017 there were 17.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures alone and since 2000 there has been an over 200% increase.  That’s a lot of girls thinking they aren’t enough. At the very foundation of yoga is the idea of self discovery, self acceptance and knowing that you are enough. The belief in one’s self is powerful and can help one climb out of the darkness of anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and depression.

Beginning or just staying with a Yoga Practice can help us girls/women in so many ways.  It is a low impact exercise that delivers in building strength and flexibility. It also has a way of teaching deep lessons to each practitioner even when they least expect it.  Physically yoga can decrease aches and pains in the joints, help minimize hypertension, gain range of motion and so on. Mentally and spiritually yoga can reduce anxiety and stress, build confidence, foster relaxation which could lead to better sleep and a happier awake time.  Each practice and each pose offers time to the student for reflection and meditation. This is our time to apply intention to each movement, thus giving meaning to where we go in our practice. The physical practice of yoga provides invaluable time to be alone with your thoughts and go deep within.

Yoga is a journey of the self.  It is a singular practice that helps us grow into accepting, loving and sharing our true self.  Yoga starts to peel away the layers we place around ourselves so that we can see who we really are at the core.  Then we can start living our true life. We come together in a yoga class for our alone time on our mats and can still share our experiences and growth with others.  We can create a village of positive words and actions for consumption exchange. Each of us is a Phenomenal Yoga Woman with a lot to share.

A short but educational read in the Harvard Medical School explains how yoga and meditation can help relieve anxiety and depression.

I’m a Woman Phenomenally, Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ~ Maya Angelou

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