Daily Stimulation Overload & Why Meditation is More Necessary Than Ever

Yoga, MeditationIt seems to me like life’s treadmill has flipped into overdrive.  Oftentimes I feel busier than ever constantly working on the never ending to-do-list.  Over the last decade life has changed dramatically with the advancment of cellphone techknowledgy.  Today nearly every human on the planet has their own cell phone and all the apps that come with it.

Finding some quiet time and a space to be away from our tech toys and the like, is difficult if not nearly impossible.  But taking that first step is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. Even if only for one minute, just step away with a conscious mind to sit in stillness, be focused and breathe.

I teach YIN yoga, a very meditative passive practice, and yet finding time outside of this practice to be alone and quiet was a constant mirage always in the distance.  I could see it, but would never reach it.

Taking the First Step

Finally, I took that first step.  I set my alarm clock and I woke up 30 minutes earlier.  That gave me time to drink my coffee, sit in my yoga room to set my intentions and create a daily habit of gratitude.  This practice has brought me more focus, intention and a sense of confidence that I haven’t felt in some time.

My morning meditation varies from 5 to 15 minutes.  Depending on my the morning, I might repeat a mantra to coincide with each inhale and exhale.  Other times I might just focus on my vision board and visualize my goals and dreams as if I were already living them. This practice has taught me that I can negate the negative self talk that turns on from time to time with simple mantras.  

Meditation is a Marathon

Meditation is not easy and does not mean to sit in complete silence without any thoughts.  It simply means you allow a time to focus and slow down so that the chatter slows down and calm enters.  Meditation doesn’t have to be a marathon in each sitting. Start small, like you would with anything new, and work your way up slowly.  I mean, we start out cooking boeuf bourguignon, we start with simpler dishes and work our way up.

Allow yourself to be a beginner.  The journey IS the lesson. Take the first step, find a quiet place, close your eyes, slow down your breath and be still.  Even if this lasts for just a brief moment, be sure to try again. The return on your investment will be priceless.


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