About Me


I’ve been active and fit nearly all my life.  I was a full-fledged tomboy and always into something.  Regular activities for me were things like kick-ball, neighborhood hide-n-seek, riding bikes, etc.  As I entered high school those activities changed and I started working out with weights in the new school gym.  I loved this new physical outlet and continued the gym scene for nearly 13 years. 

About Lori BiasottiAbout the time of my early 30’s, my husband became the strength and conditioning coach for a high school team.  The athletic director suggested incorporating pilates or yoga into the program.  So my husband asked me if I would like to attend a yoga class with him to check it out, and that is the beginning of this love story.


Yoga didn’t come easy for me, but I was taken by the physical challenge of the practice and the amount of sweat I produced while doing this class.  I didn’t know a single pose, but I was hooked.  I had never even heard of these things like chaturanga or downward facing dog before, but I did my best at putting my body into these poses.  Everything about this class was new and exciting.  It challenged me in new ways, both physically and mentally, and I wanted more.

I quickly found a studio closer to my home and attended my second yoga class a few weeks after my first experience.  The style of yoga and teaching method at this studio was much different from the original class but nonetheless again the challenge was exciting.  For me, the draw to yoga came from the challenges it brought with the poses, in keeping up with the breath, following direction, and just keeping pace with the class, etc.  Yoga was difficult and vastly different from the gym workouts my body had grown accustomed.

My new yoga practice became consistent with four classes per week.  About a year into my new yoga practice I started to notice a real change within myself.  Stress wasn’t my main feeling and I now had the tools to deal with things that made me anxious.  I learned to use my breath in ways to serve my wellbeing.  These non-physical benefits were not anything I was looking for when I started yoga.  I actually started yoga for the physical workout.  What yoga gave me was so much more than what I ever expected.

Why I Decided to Become A Yoga Teacher

Yoga TeacherAfter about six years of practicing, I decided to sign up for the teacher training.  My goal was simple.  I wasn’t sure I was going to teach but I knew I wanted to have a deeper understanding of yoga.  I figured this was a way to expand my own practice and benefits.  As I got into the training, I knew I wanted to teach yoga.

I earned my license and then signed up for every workshop and additional training I could find in my local area.  Learning from other teachers who’s approach, words, experience, and nature were vastly different from what I was use to in the studio I ‘grew-up’ turned out to be truly eye opening and life changing.  There is something to be learned from everyone and this rainbow of knowledge fills my own teaching skills with color.

My teaching experience has brought me to foreign countries on retreats, includes high school athletic teams, senior citizens, group classes in local studios, and private lessons.  If you are interested and want to learn more about Farmhouse Yoga Retreats, check out our page for more details.

You can also find my group class every Sunday at Yoga South Studio.