Where I Teach

Where I Teach

Teach YIN group classI teach group classes every Sunday at Yoga South Studio in Boca Raton.  The class is YIN yoga, a slow and steady  movement of seated poses held for three-minutes each.  This lengthy hold in each posture allows you the opportunity to explore each pose and melt into the form.  Some would say the most challenging aspect of the class is settling into stillness and quiet.  There is a peaceful meditative flow to the class that leaves your body feeling more flexible and relaxed.

I teach the class in a way that gets you into the pose and provides time to focus on the breath, the sensations throughout the body and notice where the mind wonders.  Consistent focus on breath allows the mind chatter to slow down and the body always follows and melts.  It is a time for you to experience yoga.


Private Lessons

I also teach private lessons which allow you to explore more deeply each pose in the flow, learn how to gain flexibility and gain strength.  Please know that you CAN do yoga and you can improve on your abilities with a consistent practice.   You will get customized teaching, modifications and maybe some homework as this combination will help deepen your connection to your yoga objectives.  In this one-on-one practice you will be able to focus in on each pose that will support you in obtaining your objectives.

You will gain a better and more in-depth understanding of each pose, its proper alignments, the anatomy of the body in each pose and understand its value in bringing you and your end goals together.


  • Single one-on-one is $115
  • Sign up for eight (8) one-on-one instructions at $100 each

Contact me through the form below and we can get started on your path to a feeling better.

On The Road

mountain biking yoga retreatWe all need to pack a suitcase and hit the road every now and then to reset and recharge.  I like to hit the road with my yogi buddies and have a few days of practice, outdoor adventures, laughter and stronger bonds with great people.  Visit our RETREAT page for more details.